It’s time to talk about your wedding video! We have gathered here some essential tips, things to note down and make your wedding preparations easier and stress-free.

Choose the style of your wedding video

There are so many different options out there. You need to think what would be the most representative style of your wedding video; romantic, playful, serious, emotional, timeless. Firstly, think of your relationship and bond and how this would be perfectly reflected on your wedding video. For example, are you a playful couple who enjoy doing funny stuff? Then you should go for a more carefree style for you wedding video. The style of your wedding video should reflect your unique bond and the core of your relationship.

Give time to your wedding photographer and videographer

During the preparations and the ceremony, you need to give time to your wedding videographer and photographer to capture everything. They will get as many portraits, faces, moments, emotions and they will have everything you need in your video. Don’t rush things and allow them to take their time and capture the best moments.

Book a wedding videographer and a wedding photographer who have collaborated before

It is important to have the best videographer and photographer capturing your wedding. However, they should also find it easy to work together and get the best out of your most special day. One tip is to think about choosing two people who have collaborated before. If they know how to work together harmoniously, everything will work out smoothly. They will also assist each other in the process, and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Vendors are important

If you get to have a wonderful team on board, the wedding video is going to be on fire! A spectacular decoration, an experienced DJ or a venue in a stunning location will create the perfect setting. What’s better than glowing with happiness in the perfect atmosphere and background?

First look before the wedding

What we usually encourage our couples to do is have some time before the wedding ceremony. We will be capturing the pure emotions of looking at each other moments before your most special day. Away from the rest of the guests, it will be a moment for just the two of you.

Choose one location for the ceremony and the after party

It is important to choose the same location for both the ceremony and the after-party. You should avoid spending time moving from one location to another. It will certainly be easier for you and your guests to be driving short distances. Also, make sure to plan your wedding two hours before sunset. You will need plenty of natural light for all the photographs and for the video.

Write a letter to each other

We always ask our couples to write a letter to each other and read it after their preparations. You can write down all the things you want to say to your beloved one and read it to them. This will be a lovely moment for the two of you expressing your feelings. Also, this special moment can be used for the wedding video and add a narrative tone to it.

Focus on the moment and don’t pay attention to the camera

What we should advise you is to focus on the moment. You should look at your partner, your family and friends, focus on your emotions and forget about the camera. Avoid looking straight at the camera or thinking how to look great on the video. Just enjoy your most special day. We will take care of the rest!