Chelsea and Nicholas travelled from New York to the island of Kefalonia in Greece to have their wedding, since the groom is of Greek descent. Gathering family and friends, they travelled all the way from the States to the sunny Greece. The most remarkable thing is that the couple fell in love in high-school and have been together ever since.

As the wedding videographers, we were lucky enough to film a series of great speeches of family and friends. They confessed the couple’s love and commitment to each other. The most emotional speech was given by Nicholas’ mother, who expressed her love and full support to the couple.

The ceremony was a mix of joyful and sad moments due to the loss of Nicholas’ father some years ago. However, the family kept his memory alive throughout this important day.

The exceptional beauty of the Ionian island mesmerized the guests and created a warm and laid-back atmosphere. In addition to the beauty of the island, the wedding planner, Cleopatra’s Weddings, created one of the most adorable fairytale setting for this romantic ceremony. Our team, together with the wedding photographer, George Stravolemos, had the pleasure to capture those unique moments taking place on yet another beautiful Greek island on the background.