” The sofreh aghd is a traditional wedding ceremony spread where legal marriage and ceremonial traditions are exchanged. The ceremonial traditions have been practiced for thousands of years and sofreh aghd spreads are usually very customary at Persian weddings. ”

This summer we got the pleasure to witness a traditional Persian wedding. Or better say, to a Sofreh Aghd, as they call it in Persia.

Mojdeh, the gorgeous bride, is from Iran, and Evan, the charming groom, is Greek and was born in America. Dispite living in the United States, they chose to begin their fairytale in Evan’s homeland , Greece. It was a fusion of two distinct cultures that resulted in an unforgettable day for us!

They both prepared with the help of their friends and relatives. Evan and his friends drank beer. Typical for a Greek and his buddies!

Mojdeh carried an exquisite bridal bouquet of white and purple lavender flowers and wore a breathtaking and classy wedding gown with miniature crocheted flowers. White to match her gown and purple to match the bridesmaids’ gowns.

The floral arrangement was simple and elegant, with white flowers, roses and orchids.

The couple exchanged vows near to the sea at Island Private House, in Athens, where the reception took place. The unusual thing? They exchanged vows without looking at one other.

Evan, the groom, pledged to Mojdeh endlessly loving reasons why he loves her and vowed to cherish those reasons forever, in front of all 80 guests. Even if they were born 7,243 miles apart, they promised they would never be so far apart again.

The ceremony, which lasted around 15-20 minutes, was purely Persian. On the table in front of them were many symbolic things important for the Persian ritual. Female friends and bridesmaids sprinkled sugar on the groom’s head before their vows to bring extra sweetness to their life, and after the ceremony, they both dipped their fingers in honey and offered it to each other.

Following the lovely pair, the after-wedding celebration was full with dance, laughter, smiles, and joyful faces.

Photography: Vasilis Kouroupis / Planning & Design: Stella & Moscha / Hair & Makeup: George Marascas Decorations: Prop Rentals / Venue: Island Art & Taste / Florals: Studio7