If you take Greece apart,
In the end you will be left with
an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat…

Odysseus Elytis

We had the pleasure of attending and covering the spectacular yet intimate wedding of Quentin & Vasileios. A same sex couple living in France. After 9 years filled with love, laughter and beautiful moments, the two lovebirds exchanged vows on the beautiful Ionian island of Kefalonia. Almost 50 guests and many wonderful heartfelt speeches, took place near the sea, during the ceremony. The stunning landscape of the island, the greenish blue palette, the breathtaking beaches and the crystal clear waters enhanced the experience of this special day. Wedding Planner Cleopatra’s Weddings, supervised the perfectly romantic destination wedding. Inspired by the natural landscape and the olive trees. Simplicity and elegance were key elements to the wedding. After the wedding ceremony, a joyful party followed at the vineyard, with the loving couple and their beloved guests dancing and enjoying the wonderful spot on the island.

The couple was wearing impressively stylish suits designed by Vivienne Westwood and Benetatos Flowers selected the flower decoration. George Stavrolemos was the photographer of this glorious wedding, inspired by the natural light, the romantic atmosphere and the effortless beauty of Kefalonia. We wish the best to this lovely couple!