Marianna and Dionisis chose Rome, one of the most historically rich, romantic and magical city in the world, for their elopement. The city of Perugia and its medieval architecture hosted the prewedding session. Working together with the wedding photographer George Stravolemos, we attempted to make the couple’s elopement in Rome the most unforgettable one. We were present for a very unique marital union, while we made sure to allow the couple to be spontaneous and natural.

Couple met at a cafeteria during the Greek Easter and they were inseparable after that day. Marriage was a conscious and mutual decision, something that was going to complete their happiness. The wedding, as a whole, was an amazing and unforgettable experience!

I decided as the wedding videographer to emphasize on the neoclassical architecture of Rome. Focusing on the saturated colours of the buildings, while the couple was wandering around them. Dionisis and Marianna spent their special day enjoying themselves and exploring the streets and the beauty of Rome. Kissing, hugging and loving each other, they were in a playful mood, excited about the moments spent walking through historical monuments.

Experiencing the history, the grandiose and the simple modern life of this eternal city, the couple vowed to love eternally each other. The love shared between the two gave a vivid spark in the timeless beauty of Rome. Smiles of joy, love and affection lit the vibe of the landscape and reflected the spontaneity and the carelessness of the two love birds. The city offered its timeless magic in order for us to great timeless memories for the couple. One lifetime experience! Our hearts were filled with love and creativity!