Marietta and Thanos got married in Milos, Greece, a beautiful and special island. The couple’s wedding ceremony was held at Panayia Tourliani church, where family and friends gathered to celebrate this special day. Marietta was wearing a stunning white-lace wedding dress, designed by Primalicia Bridal Designer, and bridal shoes designed by Kokos shoe design. The groom chose to wear white suit and blue trousers, which were designed by Rococo.

  On this special day, the couple chose to be dressed in blue and white and they matched the islands combination of white houses and white sandy beaches and the Aegean blue. I chose for the wedding videography to focus on the Greek element, the blue & white combination and included the beauty of the island and the colors of the sunset. Working together with the wedding photographer Studio Fousekis, we captured the lovely moments between the two and the fun moments with their family and friends. After the wedding ceremony, the party was held at Petrino and the DJ, Pavlos Kafkalas, entertained the couple and their guests.

  When Marietta and Thanos contacted me to be their wedding videographer, they shared their romantic love story with me. They had been known each other since high school, but they started dating in 2007. Following a relationship of 7 years, the marriage proposal happened while they were on a trip in Athens. One night, they were strolling around Plaka and when they reached Acropolis, Thanos waited until the lights of the ancient monuments around them were lit and the view of the city was amazing. That was the exact moment he offered to Marietta a wedding ring. 

One of the most incredible moments of the wedding day was when two of the couple’s best friends took out a guitar and played a very romantic Greek song for the two of them. That was the moment Marietta and Thanos danced for the very first time as a married couple.