A thematic photo shoot is yet another means of expression of our work and creativity. We
wouldn’t have gone for the Halloween style if we hadn’t been looking for another challenge.
How can a topic linked with theatrical horror be framed with light, still maintaining its dark

Starting with the choice of the location, we went completely off the beaten track! A typical
Greek greenhouse, with light streaming through the glass, the green all around and the
construction itself, created an uncommon environment for an admittedly “moody theme”.

We picked flowers with warm autumn colours; sugarbushes, dahlias, carnations, roses,
autumn leaves, ruscus, schinus, snowberry, sedum, safari flowers, ozothamnos. Unique
flowers for the unique celebration of Halloween!

At the same time, a breathtaking Haute Couture dress from Atelier Zolotas, in a shade of
black, gave us the opportunity to feature the unconventional-for such occasions- black
colour as the perfect canvas.

Our scenery was comprised of a vintage chair covered in ample musli, a real wooden-
handled sword with a carving of a goat’s head and an original ebony sculpture from Kenya
as our centerpiece.
It was a photo shoot scenery for our two models, partners in life as well, whose made-up
faces, expressive eyes, and their irrefutable chemistry- rocked the photo shoot spirit better
than we had ever imagined.

The coexistence of light and dark and the colours contrast created ethereal images and
contributed to an out of the ordinary Halloween photo shoot!

Planning& Design: Photography:
Cinematography: Haute Couture Dress: Groom’s Attire:
Makeup Artist: Floral Design:
Cake: Special Effects:
Candles: Greenhouse: Dimitriou N.Ponirakis