This beautiful and real-life couple travelled from the USA to Santorini in order to attend the Caldera Workshop and be involved in elopement photo shootings. Lindsey and Dune chose some simple and comfortable outfits by Atelier Zolotas. The bride was wearing a white flowing dress, which was waving in the wind and created several impressive shots. Bare foot and adventurous, the young couple held each other’s hands and explored new spots around the island. They were both very spontaneous, an element which was transferred to my video and Santorini was the perfect scenery for the two of them to express their love and enjoy themselves.

The couple trusted my instinct and my creative inspiration as an elopement videographer and they were both easy to work with and extremely natural in front of my camera. In a playful and romantic mood, Dune and Lindsey seemed to find shelter in each other’s eyes, detached from the rest of the world, while whispering loving words. Trust and Love were reflected in their eyes, their movements and smiles. They took care of each other throughout the shooting, kissing, hugging and caressing one another.

The powerful emotions and feelings shared between the two made my job quite easy and I focused on being almost invisible and capture every single moment they shared in front of the camera. In the meantime, I made sure to capture the incomparable beauty of the island, with the blue and white combination of the houses and the impressive diversity of colours of the landscape; cliffs, red rocks, the sea, the stunning natural light and the Aegean blue, engulfed the strong bond of this cute couple. This elopement in Santorini was one of the most enjoyable and creative experiences for me.