I always considered elopements as one of the most interesting experiences. It fascinates me to accompany the couple to this special moment that they decided to share with only a few people. For this reason, I approached Ariana and Peter to be my models for a mock elopement in the woods.

Foloi forest was the right place to film, since it is one of the most beautiful spots close to Patra. Together with the elopement photographer, Christina Spiliotopoulou, we captured the beauty of the forest and the intimate moments of the couple. The location and the two gorgeous people provided us with some of the most magical moments to film. The forest, the color of the woods and the trees added to the indie vibe of the elopement.

In addition, the stunning set-up, which was designed and provided by Agapis Oneira, added some vibrant colors to the setting. The couple and the elopement had an indie and stylish vibe and it was inspired by the earthy colors of the forest. The bride was wearing a white dress, designed by Anthi Kardara, a crown full of flowers, which she had on her head, and a colorful bouquet. At the same time, the groom looked stunning in the gray suit, designed by Principe.

I was truly impressed by the couple’s chemistry. The sweet and loving moments filled the camera with the most romantic scenes.  As the elopement videographer, I made sure to take advantage of the natural night in the woods. The simplicity and the chemistry of the couple was dominating and the only thing I had to do was to use my camera in the most artistic way. The elopement videography in this natural landscape gave me plenty of inspiration.

This was one of the most creative shootings I have had so far!