On a sunny summer day, I got on the boat to Aegina, the beautiful Saronic island, where history and culture come together and create a wonderful atmosphere. Travelling to this island to witness and film the wedding day of Katerina and Theodoros was an amazing experience. The couple was enjoying the Aegean blue, the warmth of the sun and the love of their family and friends. The couple oath to love, honour and respect each other till death do them apart. Alongside the wedding photographer, Christos Kosmas, we captured the beauty of the couple and the magic of the scenery.

As the wedding videographer, I was excited working on an island which offers the bright colours and the romantic vibe.

. I was completely inspired  by the simplicity of the couple and their interaction with the scenery around them. Attempting to reflect the beauty and the love of the two lovebirds, I chose to capture every moment in purity and with no cinematic exaggeration. It was an enjoyable and creative experience.

I would like to wish to the newlyweds a life full of happiness and love! May this special day be the beginning of an extraordinary adventure!