Caterina and Antonis got married in Patras. The bride was wearing an astonishing slightly pink wedding dress embellished with lace details designed by Maria Konidi and a pair of beautiful bridal shoes by Dukas. The groom chose a stylish black suit and a pink tie matching the bride’s wedding gown. As a wedding videographer alongside with the photographer George Stravolemos, we approached this special day with respect and enjoyment. Moreover, we both captured the natural landscape surrounding the couple and the natural light, which mesmerized the camera.

On our first meeting, the couple narrated the day they first met, eleven years ago, while they were both in college. One night, they attended the same party and that is when Antonis approached Caterina and told her that she has the most beautiful smile and offered to take her out on a date. Caterina was flattered but also amazed by his brave move, since she had already spotted him earlier in the crowd. The rest, as they say, is history.

Later on, the couple shared with me one of the most beautiful and sweet marriage proposals. On a typical Monday morning, while Caterina was washing the dishes, Doremi, their dog, came up to her. Caterina saw a ribbon around his neck and a small box on it. She opened the box and there was a wedding ring with a small note in it: ‘Mum, dad is asking if you want to marry him’. Standing close to the kitchen and checking her reaction, Antonis got the most anticipated ‘Yes’.

In addition, family and friends took a plane, a boat, a car to celebrate this special moment with the couple. After the wedding ceremony, the couple and the guests spent the rest of the night dancing and singing all together at Omega Yaching Club. It was the best place to host this huge and amazing party. The guests made this celebration an amazing memory for the couple. For this reason, the newlyweds wished that they could pause time to these three magical days.