The engagement session of Ioannis and Joanna in Santorini was an unforgettable experience. With the two of them enjoying the beautiful diversity of the landscape, they shared some very adorable and loving moments around the island. Both of them were wearing fashionable and modern clothes made and designed by Atelier Zolotas.

Spontaneous and in love, the young couple was very comfortable in front of the camera and enjoyed the good weather of the island. The authenticity of the emotions shared between the two, created an incredible vibe throughout the Caldera workshop videography session. I was captured by the passion and the carelessness of the two lovebirds and they inspired me to narrate their love story in the most artistic way. 

As the engagement videographer, I followed a minimalistic approach of this session. Focusing on the simplicity and the youthfulness of the couple, I chose to capture this special day in the most powerful and simple cinematic way. The wind was blowing through their hair, the view of the Caldera was mesmerizing, and this was the perfect location for an engagement in Santorini.

The aegean blue, the warm greek weather and the natural light created the perfect conditions for the couple to wander around the island and express the love for each other. My camera, as an invisible guest, captured the tenderness between the two and I was there to make the memories of this adventure last forever.