Yannis and Voula met at a gym in Patras and they have been dating ever since. A couple of years later, Yannis proposed to Voula while they were on a small boat at Thermaikos Bay, in Thessaloniki. This was a very romantic and special moment for the two of them. The couple decided to have their engagement in Greece, at Foloi forest, in the heart of Nature. The engagement videography captured their special day in the earthy colors of the forest and the beauty of the landscape.

  While the couple was walking among the trees and the leaves in the forest, holding hands and hugging each other, the camera was filming these intimate moments and the beauty of the Nature around them. The simplicity of the couple and the love for each other filled the camera with beautiful emotions and images.

  Foloi forest, as the engagement location, is one of the most magical spots for the engagement videography and it looks like the setting in films. The camera captured some very special and unique moments, the smiles and the kisses share between the couple. Yannis and Voula were very comfortable with the camera filming them and they enjoyed our shooting around the forest. It felt like we were a group of friends spending a day in the Nature and enjoying each other’s company.

  Being the engagement videographer, I used my camera to capture one of the couple’s most special moments. The light inside the forest was amazing and it made me very creative. Working together with the engagement photographer, George Stravolemos, was also a great experience. We collaborated in a harmonious way to provide the couple with the best engagement shooting experience. Along with the couple, I also enjoyed the engagement ceremony and we had a great time working as a team, laughing and enjoying the beautiful day.