Katerina and Stelios had their engagement in Athens and, as their engagement videographer, I was there to film some of the most intimate and loving moments of the couple. The two of them enjoyed themselves, wearing casual clothes, dancing and expressing the love for each other. As for the engagement videography, the beauty, the simplicity and the love of the couple mesmerized the camera and provided me with the best material to create the most beautiful engagement video.

Katerina and Stelios are from the same seaside village in the south of Crete and they know each other since they were kids. It was two years ago, on a summer night, when they were both having drinks at the same bar and Stelios approached Katerina to compliment her on her dancing skills. That was the moments everything was about to get started!

  Later on, Stelios confessed to Katerina that she has been in his thoughts for many years… and he was about to become Katerina’s dream very soon. Katerina admitted that the night Stelios made the first move, she was also about to approach him. It was meant to be! What followed, was a long-distance relationship, with the two of them living in two different cities, separated by the sea. But “Distance means so little when someone means so much”.

  Discussing the marriage proposal, it was revealed that it was not something romantic: like a special dinner or a moment under the stars, and there was no kneeling. Marriage was something that they had discussed several times and it happened when they both felt ready for this next chapter in their life together. One morning, when Stelios was sitting on the bed, Katerina stood in front of him and ask him if he is ready to get married to her and he said ‘yes’.