Bella and Andre travelled all the way from Cape Town to Mykonos, in order to renew their wedding vows on one of the most magical Greek islands. As their elopement videographer, I was more than happy to be present and film this overwhelming exchange vows. It was a great experience for me. Being back in Mykonos is always amazing but this time it was for a special occasion, since it was not just an elopement but also a ceremony for vow renewal and that was very special for me.

The two of them met at work and even though they have been together for many years now, they are still madly in love. Reading their beautiful vows, they both cried throughout the whole ceremony. They were holding each other, walking around the island and exploring its beauty. Matching the white and blue combination of the island, Bella was wearing a stunning white dress and Andre chose a blue shirt and a white suit. They were very comfortable and loving with each other. It was a simple ceremony with the couple preparing everything on their own and making this day special for each other.

One of the most important things for me was to create a powerful elopement film and make sure to capture the beauty of the island, with the crystal blue water, the white and blue houses and the remarkable windmills. Alongside with photographer Christina Spiliotopoulou we enjoyed our time in Mykonos. This film is my gift to them to remember this day for the years to come. My wish for them is to always be as much in love as the day I met them. I hope my film reflects their beautiful emotions and serves as a great souvenir from their moments in Greece.